Fun Multiplication and Division techniques to
master times tables

A brilliant way to learn times tables multiplication and division. With these smart practices, recalling times tables
will be an enjoyable journey filled with excitement and rewards.


Times tables Treasure Hunt

Transform the process of memorizing times tables into an adventurous treasure hunt.


Division Tables Problems

Bring division and multiplication magic to life by turning it into a storytelling experience.


Multiplication tables challenges

Offering interactive challenges specifically designed for earning bonus points.

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Outstanding Maths learning platform

Rurera provide awesome and interactive ways for students to learn and memorize times tables while having fun. Immediate feedback helps students identify and correct any mistakes they make while practicing their times tables.

Memorize times tables, Multiply with Ease!

Personalized approach allows students to focus on specific times tables they find challenging and spend more time practicing those particular facts until they are confidently memorized.

# Boost Your Child's Multiplication and Division Skills with a Splash of Fun!

How times tables work

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Essential tool for Maths teachers

Multiplication practices and challenges mean students will be excited to re-call their times tables helping teachers in a various ways :

  • - Progress can be monitored on heatmap while student is practicing their times tables.
  • - Track statistics to identify gaps in their knowledge.
  • - It helps to provide targeted support and resources.

Engaging, trusted and easy to use

It's a good idea to ensure if multiplication and division practices align with your learning goals and values.

  • - Questions and quizzes are easily adapted to each child’s unique learning needs.
  • - Give your child daily practice and get the results.
  • - More practicing give more chances to win rewards and toys.

Frequently asked questions

Asking the right questions is indeed a skill that requires careful consideration.

Rurera offer multiplication and division times tables practices online that help students as well as maths teachers.
Times tables are fundamental for building strong math skills. They help children to improve math, and provide a foundation for more complex math problems.
Division tables are similar to multiplication tables but focus on division. They show the division facts for numbers up to 12, helping children understand the relationship between multiplication and division.
Encouraging your child to practice multiplication and division tables in an enjoyable and supportive manner and rurera is offering numerous options for practicing for it.
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