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Rurera is a game changer subscription based education learning platform. It provides 10000+ practices
for Key stage 1 courses, Key stage 2 courses, TimeTables, Books, SATs and 11 plus exams.

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Available for ks1, ks2, sats, 11 plus and much more.

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Over 5000+ questions are there to test and pass exam.

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Fostering a strong impact in every aspect of your Child's life.

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Redefining Personalized learning

Rurera provides powerful resources that align with student's specific interests and learning goals.

Explore wide range of kS1, KS2 courses, Tests, practices, assessments, resources and much more.

Rurera offers a chance to prepare for 11+ Exam, Independent Exams, ISEB and CAT4.

We are providing opportunity to practice SATs exam, SATs papers, SATs assessments SATs tests online.

It provides complete insights and data analysis of Total scores, Total attempts, Earned Scores and Earned Coins.

It offers quick assessments and answers to questions are automatically assessed for personalized feedback.

Automated marking data allows for quick identification of students who may require additional support or challenges.

It significantly allows to identify student’s learning strengths and areas needing improvement.

Discover vast collection of children books and track reading progress and activity, like percentage and time.

Offering interactive Multiplication and division Practices and challenges to Master TimesTables online.

If offer Skill plans, Courses Topics and Test preparations as per defined curricula.

It provides an easy overview of performance trends who may need additional support or recognition.

Rurera offers a user-friendly platform where teachers can analyze individual and group performance trends.

This involves setting goals, identifying the skills you want to acquire or improve, and planning to achieve those goals weekly or monthly.

Rurera empowers students through courses, interactive books, exams practices and rewarding experiences.

Immediate feedback and assessment tools allow teachers to monitor student progress and identify areas that require improvement.

Rurera protect student data, maintain trust and comply with data protection and privacy regulations.

Avail an awesome opportunity to Earn Rewards, Coin points, Win and later redeem to toys.

Students can redeem coin points and exchange trending toys with every practice via Rurera toy store.

Discover how Rurera Support success

we've combined the best of education, real quiz practices into real results to cater and pass the exams.

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National Curriculum

Explore wide range of learning resources available including for Years 1-6 and Functional Skills courses.

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Quick assessments

Real-time marking data helps identify students who need extra support or more challenges quickly.

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Real time diagnostics

It helps find students' learning gaps, strengths, and suggests the best study path for faster progress.

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Get Rewards

Have fun learning with Reward Coins, earn rewards, and make lasting memories with favorite toys.

Win Club Points
You earned 50 points! for completing the course...

Win Coin Points

Start practicing and Reward Yourself with Exciting Toys. Through learning students can increase their chances of winning playful toys. Start using the system now and collect coins now!


What our customers say about us

James Turner
Natalie Turner

Rurera has been a lifesaver for me in high school. I used to get all F's, but now I have all B's and even a C. My grades have significantly improved, thanks to Rurera.

James Turner
Liam Reed

Thanks to Rurera, my grades have gone up, and I enjoy practicing with the platform. I used to dislike learning, but now I have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn more.

James Turner
Michael Foster

It allows students to work on their own levels and at their own pace. I also love that I can see what they are doing when they are doing it, provide feedback or help in real time.


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